JNA-NET Netball training programme at the Kishor Nagar Boy’s Hostel, Namkum

Kishor Nagar boys practicing netball

Just over one year ago, on November 27th, 2012, NET introduced netball at the Kishor Nagar Boy’s Hostel in Namkum, a suburb of Ranchi City in Jharkhand State. The initiative was possible owing to the support of Mr. Dickie Saluja who funded the netball goalposts and introduced us to Kishor Nagar, and Mr. Rajendra Prasad, secretary of the Jharkhand Netball Association who promised to assist in training at Kishor Nagar.

During the past year JNA coach Pramod Thakur has worked without rest or renumeration to continue this programme which has reaped incredible results; on November 28th to December 3rd, the School Games U19 Netball tournament were held in Bhatinda, Punjab where 4 boys from this school represented the Jharkhand team – Anil Oraon, Mahesh Xalxo, Chotu Minj and Jitender. Four more Kishor Nagar boys, Amit Kujur, Mansukh, Bansi Oraon, and Sameer have been selected to represent Jharkhand in the School Games U17 Netball tournament which will be held at Delhi from the 2nd to 8th of January. Kishor Nagar boys are also likely to take part in the junior nations which will be held in Ahmedabad from the 7th of January.

Pramod Thakur’s work is a testament to dedication and sincerity, while we were visiting SAMPARC he busy was coaching his team at Bhatinda.

The Kishor Nagar Boy’s Hostel was founded by Father Victor Van Bortel in 1967 and moved to it’s current location in 1971.

The story of how Father Bortel overcame all odds and worked diligently till his passing in 2010 is inspirational. Today the school that is home to 650 boys who study from pre-school to class X is run by Father Francken who helped us to start a netball and rugby programme at the school one year ago.

For more on the KN Hostel and images – please visit http://www.kishornagar.com

We also thank progressive associations such as the Jharkhand Netball Association for always putting the requirements and welfare of players at the forefront and arranging for all their expenses and travel arrangements. Thank you and WELL DONE!!!


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