NET introduces Netball to the girls and boys of the Fabindia School!


NET introduced netball to the girls and boys of the Fabindia School, Bali (Rajasthan) in a short training camp from 15th to 19th of July this year; since then the game has been regularly been played under the supervision of Fabindia’s coach C.P. Singh, Fabindia recently sent 5 boys to play in the 1st Samparc Cup where they were joined by 5 girls from the Goal Mumbai programme.  C.P. Singh also joined our 20 member coaching group to deliver the 4 day training programme at SAMPARC prior to the tournament.

C.P. Singh is now looking forward to developing the game further and taking a strong team to play at the 2nd One Nation Netball Cup in May 2014 at New Delhi.

The Fabindia School is non-profit english medium school that was established by William Bissell under the aegis of the Bhadrarjun Artisans Trust in 1992 and has over 1,000 students studying from pre-school to class XII today.

Many thanks to principal Parineeta Ranpal, Mr. Sandeep Dutt and Mr. C.P. Singh for hosting us and all the faith and support we have received.

For more on the amazing Fabindia School, please visit


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