The SAMPARC Netball story!


In November 2012, SAMPARC founder and secretary AmitKumar Banerjee met NET’s Aditya Bee at the 3rd Maidan sports for development summit which was held at Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Mr. Banerjee showed keen interest in the positive potential of introducing netball to the girls and boys of SAMPARC and we got down to planning our first visit to SAMPARC, Malavli in February of this year.

Aditya was joined by India international players Rupinder Kaur Bajwa and Amanjit Kaur Dhaliwal who delivered a funfilled 4 day training programme to 240 girls and boys from SAMPARC schools and over a dozen schools in the Malval Taluka.

SAMPARC then worked on developing the game with a view to preparing teams to play against other schools, their first outing was to NET’s One Nation Netball Cup which was held in May where they played extremely well to secure 4th place out of 7 teams in the fray.

Our next proposal was to jointly organise a second training camp and netball festival at the same location which would take the programme forward for the girls and boys who reside in the area; this 2nd camp was coached by over 20 volunteers who joined us from Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand to deliver netball and rugby training at both beginner and advanced levels – the participants of the 1st camp automatically qualified for the advanced camp and several trainees were identified from the beginner’s group who joined the advanced training on the 2nd day.

The training camp culminated with the 1st ever SAMPARC Cup netball tournament for mixed teams from schools, the results of the tournament clearly indicated the progress that the SAMPARC players had made in a short span of just 9 months.

The team from SAMPARC Bhambarde won the final match against Deepalaya School from New Delhi and the SAMPARC A team secured the bronze medal.

The SAMPARC girls and boys have also played separately at the district level and performed extremely well under the supervision of their coach Somnath Biswas.

SAMPARC has over 8 centres and schools around India which are home to girls and boys from various regions who are in need of support and a sound education to progress.

In addition to the girls and boys homes and schools, SAMPARC also runs a vocational training centre, girls hostel, international youth hostel and medical centre at Malvali

For more on this amazing organisation and the work they do – please visit


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