Louisa organises a mixed netball tourney at New Hall School, Essex!


The Event!


The School!



The Players!

Every now and then… in this busy world of ours… comes a ray of happiness… togetherness and support, that takes your breath away… NET supporter, Louisa Jayne Daniel organised such an event – a mixed netball tournament at New Hall School in Essex, England to raise awareness and funds for the Netball & Education Trust that works half a world away to introduce netball to girls and boys in India.

We are totally blown away by this act of support… Thank you to each and every one of you who organised, played and donated to NET.

Netball is making friends across the world and we are glad to be part of this process.

A bit about New Hall School… it’s not just another school in England… It’s in fact the oldest Catholic Girl’s School in all of England, and was founded way back in 1642, and is in it’s 373rd year of existence!

Present day New Hall Preparatory School is a boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 3 to 18.

For more on this historical school please visit the school’s facebook page www.fb.com/newhallschool and their website www.newhallschool.co.uk



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